Delivering on my promises one at a time »

Umoja Kamangura Women Group- Gakawa, Kieni
September 16, 2018
Two Third Gender Rule Talk
November 29, 2018

Delivering on my promises one at a time »

There are groups that I meet and promise my financial support. Not because I have too much or they have very unique ideas but because of the dedication of the members. Most of who are of the age of my grandmothers and mothers. Tying a ‘lesso’ and going for a village group for hours trying to empower, encourage and support one another.

Gathuku Women Group in Mahiga, Othaya started in 1980’s with the most members being very old now and with nothing much to show for it. They have however embarked on table banking to help their group grow financially. When I met them they were buying mattresses for the members and I offered to buy them a few. I today sent my office staff to the group to deliver on this promise and teach them on government programs that would benefit them including Uwezo fund and 30% preferential procurement.

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